Carisma 16000 SCA-1E Pro Aluminum Oil Shocks (4) Unassembled

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Product Overview

Carisma 16000
Carisma Scale Adventure's aluminum SCA-1E Pro Shocks, at 100mm long, are ideal for both the SCA-1E family of rigs, and most other scale rigs on the market today. They can also be internally limited for applications where shorter shocks are required. Thinner than the stock RTR and kit units.

An ideal cost effective performance upgrade, they utilize a robust, comp ready design, ultra smooth shock action, longer run times between re-builds, and ease of fine-tuning. The threaded alloy bodies, double O-ring seals, and volume compensating diaphragms work in harmony to produce a shock that's capable of handling any terrain you can throw at it, and resist oil leaks to maintain optimum performance, run after run.

Tuning of compression and rebound can be achieved 3 ways - oil viscosity, spring rate and adjusting the threaded pre-load collars.