Gmade 55000 SAWBACK 4LS, GS01 4WD Off-Road Vehicle Kit

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Product Overview

Gmade 55000
The latest SAWBACK kit is equipped with the features that have made these kits great: The GS01 Steel Ladder Frame w/ adjustable battery mounting and low CG. Locked 4WD traction with solid axle assemblies for crawling over the tough terrain and the detailed open body design with realistic interior and rollcage from the popular "Sport" model.

This SAWBACK is equipped with several new features such as the 4-link suspension system found on the KOMODO Truck, combined with the exceptional XD Aeration shocks to give smooth suspension travel and control.

Other features such as a tube front bumper, MT-1903 1.9" M/T Tires and the NR01 Beadlock wheels complete the package.

NOTE: This is a KIT and assembly, paint, electronics, battery and radio equipment are required.


  • GS01 Steel Ladder Frame
  • Detailed open top 4x4 body set with realistic roll-cage and interior design
  • 4-Linked suspension system for enhanced articulation
  • 93mm XD Aeration shocks for smooth suspension control.
  • Tubular front bumper
  • NR01 Beadlock wheels W/ MT-1903 M/T tires.
  • Specifications:

  • Weight w/o electronics: 1.7kg
  • Height: 255mm
  • Length: 463mm
  • Width: 234mm
  • Wheel Base: 287mm
  • Ground Clearance: 68mm