Proline Racing 629117 Pre-Cut Trifecta Lite 1/8 Clean Lexan Wing (1pc)

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Product Overview

Proline Racing 629117
Both lighter and stronger best describes the Trifecta Lite with an innovative bent wicker that eliminates the need for heavy add on pieces and hardware. The 3 cut lines on the back of the wing are actually bend lines that have been designed to allow for easy bending of the Lexan to create a solid 1-piece wicker in the position of your choosing. This makes the back of the wing super strong while still allowing for wing flex in the event of a crash, which prevents the Lexan from shattering. Just like the original Trifecta wing, the Lite features 3 dimples that hang down on each side of the wing creating the golf ball aerodynamic effect that reduces drag at high speeds without affecting down force. The wing also includes the center fin that adds more side stability to your car and increases the strength of the wing around the mounting holes. The Trifecta Lite comes pre-cut, so you just have to set your wicker height, bend the wicker over and mount it to your car.


  • Pre-Cut to save you Time & Hassle
  • Lighter and Stronger than the Original Trifecta Wing
  • Innovative Bent Wicker Design
  • Center Fins add Stability and Strength
  • Made in USA