Bandai 165511 MS-06S Zaku II 1/144 RG Model Kit

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Product Overview

Bandai 165511
RG Char's Zaku II will incorporate advanced MS joints to take full advantage of the frame structure; this allows the Zaku II to do poses such as tackle, the famous Char's Zaku kick, and crouching similar to the MG Zaku Ver 2.0. The inner frame is constructed from only 9 parts plus 2 springs. Accessories include the bazooka, machinegun, and heat hawk.


  • As the second model of new series celebrating of the Gunpla 30th anniversary, Char's Zaku appears with the "Real System."
  • The design is created on the assumption of 1/1 scale.
  • Adopted the "Advanced MS joints" which have new assembling process of inner structure.
  • The "Realistic Decal" system has luster like metal which is difficult to express by paint.
  • The color coding is excellent compared to any other 1/144 scale model.
  • The "Advanced MS joints" are designed to recreate the astounding movements of Char's Zaku. They have the widest range of movement in the history of Gunpla.
  • By the adoption of "Touch gate," the pipes are easily assembled.