Schelle Racing -SCH1270 B6 Front Tower, Gull

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Product Overview

Schelle Racing -SCH1270
Replacement 4mm carbon tower for use with or without optional upper wing mount. The front tower design mates with a 3-d printed upper wing mount (mount and hardware sold separately) so that racers can screw-on their front wing without removing the shock standoffs. The screw on front wing design eliminates the common wing failure of cracking at the mount tabs against the front tower. Now racers can quickly remove the mount without removing the shock standoff screws, as well as remove the wing off the car (for travel or cleaning) while keeping the mount in place.


  • 4mm thickness carbon fiber, Made in USA.
  • Extreme design with outer holes removed for increased strength.
  • Fits B6 or B6D with gull arms.
  • Includes gull arm front tower only.