1/1000 Gaiperon Multi Layered Space Ship ShudeRG

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The mighty Shuderg (or Schderg, which is definitely a German interjection or something) has joined the line of 1/1000 model kits from the Space Battleship Yamato (Star Blazers) series! It includes 36 flight crafts in the same scale so you can display them ready for launch!


  • The multi-level space carrier in 1/1000 series.
  • The first ship to embark for space as Gaiperon-class. On board are Space Lightning Attack Aircraft Dolcelas, which are the most powerful deployable aircraft among the tactical units on the space carriers. Includes 36 Dolcelas of the same scale.
  • The bonus mecha collection is "Space Lightning Attack Aircraft Dolcela."
  • Runner x17, Sticker x1, Slide mark x1, Instruction manual x1