Bandai 225768 #09 Vigna-Ghina "Gundam F91", Bandai RE/100

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Product Overview

Bandai 225768
Machine used by Berah Ronah of the Crossbone Vanguard in the animated movie "Gundam F91" now appears in an updated 1/100 model! Reborn in the RE/100 line it has been adjusted with refined proportions that allow increased range of motion without disrupting the sculpt of the mobile suit. Features 2 different cockpit hatches to replicate its initial and repaired states along with marking stickers for the Crossbone Vanguard symbol on its forehead. All 8 of its backpack fin nozzles can move independently, and the calf ducts move in-conjunction with knee bend. Runner x 14, stickers, instruction manual. Display it together with Gundam F91 Ver 2.0!


  • Reborn-One 1/100 Scale (~180mm, ~7-8 inches)
  • Moderate amount of pieces, models take up to an hour to complete
  • Posable and flexible
  • May need some paint details